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The Team

The People behind Storyline Motion Pictures

Eric Neudel

Eric Neudel is a highly accomplished filmmaker with a career spanning several decades. He has garnered recognition for his powerful documentaries and his ability to shed light on important social issues.  Eric's filmmaking journey began in 1980 with his documentary "Steps," which received critical acclaim and left a lasting impact on audiences.  The film followed the journey of a young woman paralyzed in an auto accident, exploring her life-changing experience in a poignant and mesmerizing manner.  This early success showcased Eric’s ability to delve into the human condition and create thought-provoking narratives.


Over the years, Eric has directed and produced numerous documentaries, each tackling significant subjects with depth and sincerity.  One of his most notable works is "Lives Worth Living," a documentary that focuses on disability rights.  The film, which played on PBS's Independent Lens in 2011, received widespread acclaim for its compelling storytelling and its exploration of the struggles and triumphs of individuals with disabilities.


In his latest endeavor, Eric co-directed the groundbreaking documentary "The Wake Up Call" alongside Alison Gilkey.  This powerful film follows the journey of Dave Evans, a renowned prosthetist, humanitarian, and peace activist who dedicates his life to helping those affected by war.  Through intimate storytelling and captivating visuals, Eric and Alison skillfully portray the resilience and transformation of the human spirit.

Eric’s work has earned him accolades and recognition within the industry.  With a passion for social justice and a commitment to storytelling, Eric continues to make a significant impact through his films.


Outside of his documentary work, Eric has also served as a producer-editor at WGBH, contributing to various projects and showcasing his versatility within the filmmaking process.

Alison Gilkey

Alison Gilkey has had a diverse and impactful career spanning various industries. After working in real estate and banking, she made the decision to prioritize raising her children in 1990.  However, in 2008, she reentered the business world with a renewed passion.  Partnering with Eric Neudel, Alison played a pivotal role in the development of Storyline Motion Pictures, adding her creative talent and focusing on expanding its film and video capabilities.


Alison's creative talents extended beyond the business realm, as she ventured into film production.  She produced the highly acclaimed 2011 PBS documentary "Lives Worth Living" and "The Great Fight for Disability Rights," shedding light on important social issues.  Furthermore, she co-directed the educational film "At Your Service" in 2015, further demonstrating her commitment to storytelling and using media for educational purposes.  In addition to her work in film production, Alison served as a film envoy and film expert for the U.S. Department of State's cultural exchange program, the American Film Showcase, in 2013 and 2014.  This role allowed her to share her expertise and promote cultural understanding through the power of cinema.


One of Alison's notable achievements came in 2015 when she designed, produced, and co-curated America's first Disability Rights Museum on Wheels. This unique museum embarked on a nationwide tour, visiting thirty-eight cities across the United States, raising awareness and fostering a greater understanding of disability rights.  Additionally, Alison also serves as the director of Storyline Motion Pictures' marketing videos, specializing in showcasing elite commercial real estate properties. Her dedication to delivering high-quality content remains unwavering.


In collaboration with Eric Neudel, Alison's latest project, "The Wake Up Call," a feature-length documentary highlighting the inspiring life of West Virginian hero Dave Evans, premiered at the Boston International Film Festival in 2022.  The film's outstanding content earned it the prestigious "Best Content" award. Subsequently, "The Wake Up Call" also won the coveted "Audience Award" at the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival later that year, solidifying its impact on viewers.  Alison’s journey encompasses her diverse professional experiences, her passion for filmmaking, and her commitment to advocating for disability rights.  Her contributions to Storyline Motion Pictures and the film industry as a whole have left a lasting impact, inspiring audiences and promoting social change.

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